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A Belgian Water utility is looking for partners for a H2020 call on energy efficiency (EE-01-2017: Waste heat recovery from urban facilities). The aim of the project would be to demonstrate an innovative wastewater heat recovery system in an urban context The aim is to demonstrate an innovative wastewater heat recovery system, in an urban context.

For this purpose, the water utility seeks:

  1. Other water utilities and cities interested in demonstrating the wastewater heat recovery system in cities;
  2. Universities or SME to monitor the energy and GHG savings of the system. Description:

The water utility together with a South Brussels city council intend to submit a proposal against H2020 call – EE-01-2017 (Waste heat recovery from urban facilities and re-use to increase energy efficiency of district or individual heating and cooling systems), which specifically targets heat recovery from wastewater. The consortium comprises the water utility, the Brussels city council as well as experts for installation of heat exchanger in sewages and connection to the existing heating system of buildings. Demonstration in 2 or 3 urban areas of the energy/GHG emission savings, cost efficiency and replication potential of the system will be at the heart of the project. The consortium has selected a first urban site in Brussels to be used to demonstrate the system in the context of a building and sewage renovation in a dense area. At this stage, the consortium seeks: -Other water utilities and/or cities interested in testing the wastewater heat recovery system. – An experienced research department or SME experienced in monitoring energy and GHG savings of innovative heat recovery solutions.

The call deadline is 19 January 2017.

Expression of interest as soon as possible and open until June 2017.

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